5 Different Meats You Should Try Once

If you are a big lover of meat then you probably get stuck into a good steak once a week, a burger every few days and go to town on some fried chicken in between. With lamb, duck and turkey cropping up at special occasions it is likely that you rotate between only a handful of meats. This is mainly because of the fact that chicken and beef are the most farmed animals around and therefore its cheaper and easier to get the meat from these animals. Many people are content with their standard line-up but if you are more adventurous and curious about the taste and texture of other animals, you may want to dip your toes in something more exotic. But what else is out there?


We aren’t talking about spicy chicken wings here, instead actual buffalo or Bison can be found on your plate just as they can be found roaming the plains of America. Probably one for the less adventurous here, unsurprisingly this meat tastes a lot like beef on the palate with some slight variances. This doesn’t mean it won’t make a great and varied steak option for your Friday night dinner.


The big bird (not to be confused with the yellow guy from Sesame Street), this enormous non-flyer puts chicken to shame in quantity and in sheer meatiness. Though it may be hard to get hold of (or indeed man handle) ostrich drumsticks they do exist, but you are far more likely to grab some meat instead. This can be found ground into burger patties in supermarkets if you keep an eye out, the more active and hardier bird giving far more bite than any average battery hen.


Though you may wish to go out on a venture and hunt some for yourself if you have the time and the means, venison is the sought-after meat of game animals particularly deer. If you are having flashbacks to the opening scene of Bambi, you may want to skip this one, but otherwise a tender and tasty meat awaits your taste buds. With a unique flavour and a softness that makes it easily distinguishable from other red meats this could easily be your new favourite, just be prepared to pay a lot more for quality cuts.


From down under comes the meat of most peoples favourite marsupials. Kangaroos are active creatures and if you have ever heard the horror stories you will know that they are incredibly muscular too (known to disembowel a man on occasion). This means that the meat has a denser quality than most, but this shouldn’t put you off. Kangaroo burgers have popped up in supermarket Iceland often if you want to jump aboard the train.


Another one from the other side of the globe. Since Crocs commonly terrorize locals it makes sense that people would return the favour in putting their enemy “on the barbie” to keep other intruders away. Crocodile is hard to define since some people believe it has a fishy taste but meaty bite, while others fall back on the classic ‘tastes like chicken’ explanation, which essentially makes you question why you bothered experimenting in the first place.

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