Kenny Tutt Wins MasterChef UK

Kenny Tutt wowed television audiences and a panel of culinary judges to be crowned the 2018 MasterChef UK champion, but he has no plans to use his fame to open a restaurant; at least not yet. Tutt, a 36-year-old bank manager, became the winner of the world-famous show’s 14th series after beating Nawamin Pinpathomrat, a doctor and scientist, and David Crichton, a pilot, in the show’s intense final. Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace rained praise on Tutt’s three course offering in the finale, with Torode stating Tutt’s main course was enough to “make my heart thump fantastic.” Gregg described Tutt’s creations as “stunningly beautiful.”

A Stunningly Beautiful Main Course

Thomasina Miers co-founded Wahaca

For his starter, Tutt served a concoction of roast scallops, shimeji mushroom and pancetta and smoked cauliflower, but it was his main course that wowed the judges. Tutt created a main course consisting of Squad pigeon breast, baby turnip, spiced cherries, heritage beetroot, bread sauce with a game jus. Bitter chocolate, ale ice cream, malt tuile and smoked caramel made up Tutt’s dessert.

Several previous MasterChef winners have gone on to open their own restaurants with a decent level of success. Thomasina Miers co-founded Wahaca while Dhruv Baker and Simon Wood have both ditched their day jobs to become restaurant owners and TC chefs.

Tutt does not plan to follow on their footsteps, although he did admit in an interview with the Mirror newspaper that he would love to do something on live TV if the opportunity came along. Until that happens, Tutt is going to simply enjoy his new-found fame.

MasterChef Through the Ages

MasterChef initially ran on British television between 1990 and 2001. It went on a four-year hiatus before returning in 2005 under the name MasterChef Goes Large. The “Goes Large” was dropped for the shows aired from 2008 onwards.

Under the new format, the show is aired five nights per week for eight weeks and features six contestants competing against each other the final two weeks before a winner is chosen. Once the show reaches the quarter final, Torode cooks a dish and the contestants have to first identify the ingredients by taste along and then attempt to recreate the dish using the ingredients supplied to them. They also have to cook a special dish, within 80 minutes, for the judges and a celebrity food critic. Some of the more recent series of MasterChef have seen the contestants travel to far and exotic places where they have to replicate the national dishes under the watchful eye of a star chef.

MasterChef Controversy

This series saw the hopefuls jet off to Peru where they served dishes such as cooked whole piranha heads and even a dish that contain shaved dried alpaca heart. The, quite frankly bizarre, dishes prompted some angry responses from viewers on social media who complained the dishes were too “out there” with some angry at the fact the contestants had been flown to South America using television license payers’ funds.

There was also a little controversy in the 2018 series when the judges mistakenly said a chicken dish cooked by a Malaysian-born contestant was not crispy enough, although the traditional way to cook it does not leave crispy skin. This prompted the former Malaysian prime minister to suggest the judges were confusing the dish with KFC.

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