Luxury Foods You’ll Probably Never Eat

If you’ve decided to take that time out that you deserve by heading to somewhere exotic, you’ve gone to the effort of dressing up and are heading to the fanciest restaurant in town, you probably want to go that extra mile and order the best thing on the menu. Now depending on where you are in the world exactly, the most expensive and sought after item will differ hugely. In England you are probably looking at a big slab of juicy steak, In the US caviar, in France maybe some foie gras, but the further a field you venture the more bizarre (to us at least) the food gets. If you are simply going to blindly order the local delicacy prepare yourself for some new and ‘exciting’ flavours and possibly some things on your plate you’ve never seen. Here are some of the weirdest things you will find served to you.

Fried Tarantula

In Cambodia a popular food is something that may terrify westerners. The big hairy spiders that you’ve probably been trying to avoid your entire life will stare back at you from your dinner plate here, though luckily it will be dead stare. However, texture wise they sound pretty good, thanks to being fried whole they are crispy on the outside and sticky in the middle. Apparently, they taste like cricket, which apparently tastes like chicken, so by that logic it’s a very fancy and frightening fried chicken experience for the experimental.

Raw Puffin Heart

Yes, the adorable black, white and orange billed birds that dominate coastlines in search for fish. In Iceland these seemingly friendly looking flyers are sky fished, which is where large nets are used to capture them as they head to the water’s surface to secure their own meal. From here it is traditional for their captures to very quickly snap their necks and pluck their hearts out for a tasty, blood soaked snack. If you aren’t planning on fishing in the freezing Iceland weather anytime soon, don’t worry you can get this dish uncooked at local restaurants too.

Tong Zi Dan

If you like your eggs, get ready for a new and frankly unsettling twist on this classic food. In China eggs are boiled not in water but in the urine of prepubescent boys. That’s right, probably not a method you’ve seen on cooking websites but one, which has been used for many years in the east. Cooked shell on, then peeled and returned to the yellow goodness of a schoolboy’s bladder, these things definitely come with that indisputable twang of ammonia and also apparently health benefits. Are you feeling healthy?


If you are still onboard with egg dishes then this next one is for you, in the Philippines people go mad for Balut. These eggs are boiled in water (thankfully), however the twist here is that not only are these eggs fertilized they are also very close to hatching. If you haven’t figured it out yet that means that not only will you get yolk out of these, you will also be able to help yourself to a nice tasty bird foetus. Yum.

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