The World’s Best Nations for Curries

One of the great joys of traveling is to immerse oneself into the culture of the place that you are visiting. There is no better way of understanding a nation than to see what they eat, how they cook, and how they dine.

Sampling cuisines around the world is a delight, tasting different ingredients, spices and seeing different cooking techniques. One dish in particular seems universal and that is curry, there are different types of curries all over the world, made completely differently and only one thing unites them and that is the name. Here we look at some of the great curries around the world.


Thailand have all manner of curries, massaman, red, yellow and green to name but a few. Thailand uses liberal amounts of coconut milk in their curries which tones down the heat a little so they are not as fierce as some. Thai curries are made by first grinding a paste and then adding a little water, meat, fish and vegetables are common. Most Thai curries will use meat or fish on the bone, so be careful of the bones.


The granddaddy of all curries, and the best according to most people. The most sublime curries in the world of course are made in India. They vary so much depending on exactly which area of India they come from, as each region has its own specialty depending on the local ingredients. Visiting Goa, you will probably be offered Vindaloo which is a piquant dish flavored heavily with mustard seed and vinegar. Further north in the Punjab, Kashmir and Gujarat you will notice the curries are not as highly spiced and the use of yoghurt and cream is used at the end of the cooking to add a more luxurious flavor to the dish. Many dishes in India are vegetarian and the common use of vegetables is extensive throughout which makes Indian cuisine ideal for vegetarians.


Most people would have heard of beef rendang and it is truly one of the best curries in the world, although beef is commonly used in the west actually in Indonesia rendang is made with whatever is at hand. The original dish is very spicy using many chilies, so an iced drink is advised within arm’s length.


Possibly Chinese curry is the world’s number two favorite curry, not because it is a culinary masterpiece, far from it. But Chinese curry has been adopted around the world almost as a sauce for other dishes. The Brits love curry & chips, whilst the Americans can be seen pouring curry sauce just about over everything. The reason for this is that Chinese curry is easy to make and is quite mild in flavor so it suits all manner of dishes from, takeaway type dishes, to more lavish plates such as curried crab.

There is no doubt that the world would be a sadder place if curry did not exist, from a carton of soggy curried chips after the pub, to an elaborate festive biryani banquet at a sultan’s palace.

There is a place for curry all over the world, and who is not to say they would not love a little spice in their life! 

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