The World’s Fanciest ‘Gourmet’ McDonalds

McDonalds is known for its cheap foods but equally great tasting food. The company is a fast food giant for those who live under a rock. The restaurant makes on average 78 million USD per day globally selling at 75 burgers per second. The red and yellow color palette with the infamous double M logo can be seen in nearly every single village and numerous McDonalds in the same town. At least every town will have 2 McDonalds and every city over 50 depending on its size. To some the fast food joint is lower class, cheapening and unhealthy. 2 of those facts are false. Yes, McDonalds costs less but it is not cheapening. If a millionaire can eat McDonalds, there is something about it. One the same note ask yourself one thing is a millionaire lower class individual. Unless you’re a zillionaire then a millionaire is not a lower-class citizen. McDonalds is trying to jump onto the gourmet front now opening a luxury upmarket version of the fast food outlet. In the newer upmarket version of the restaurant the logo is no more bright red and yellow, but it is a very sleek and modern black and white logo. The interiors are very minimalistic incorporating ambient lighting with glass and metallic interiors.

McDonalds interior

The project named McDonald’s Next is trying to allow the company to expand its culinary horizons. With this project they don’t eliminate their much-loved burgers, fries and chicken nuggets but they do cut out overall fast food experience. Some regular McDonalds branches in the busy CBD’s of country’s already offer table service but it’s nothing to rave about. They just bring the food to you after you have queued and paid for it as normal. They won’t clear up your dishes or check on your mid-meal. With McDonalds Next after 6 p.m. they offer full table service not the lazy kind. They menu even offers quinoa. How eccentric.

Serving food


With a fresh, new look comes a new pricing model and don’t worry it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.  McDonald’s Next now has a custom salad bar and depending on what you fancy, it should cost the same as a salad at an upscale restaurant. What might draw people McDonalds Next is their trust in the brand. They may go to the upgraded fast food restaurant in hopes of finding a very nicely priced and yummy wholesome and healthy meal. Not only is there more competition in the fast food market, but people around the world are becoming more health conscious so many fast food joints are making a huge swerve towards serving healthier foods. This might actually be a choice that’s serves their pockets much better whilst generating more revenues without costing the nation their health. The cheapness and affordability of the fast food encourages obesity and so in a global push to reduce and eradicate obesity McDonalds Next is not just a mere project that is about a more luxurious fast food eatery it is about showing the world that you can have your cake and eat it.

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