The World’s Greatest Places to Eat Seafood

Waking into a restaurant with no preconceptions and sampling the catch of the day is one of life’s great pleasures. The idea that perhaps your favorite shellfish has just been caught minutes ago and now is served up in some mouthwatering manner, will bring saliva to one’s palette.

There is nothing like tasting food as fresh as this, and the real great seafood restaurants of the world have a close proximity to the sea. Inner city dining establishments cannot compete with those near the coast purely for this reason.

Here we look at some of the best and most iconic places to eat seafood in the world today.

New Orleans

Probably because of its great location on the Gulf of Mexico, and possibly due to its culinary heritage, New Orleans is definitely a top spot when it comes to eating seafood. New Orleans is synonymous for its Cajun and French influences, and for providing some of the best Soul Food in the Southern States. Who has not heard of the Po’ boy sandwich, and blackened catfish.

For an extra special treat make sure you visit New Orleans in October for the fabulous Seafood Festival. Traveling further into Louisiana you come to Baton Rouge which is world famous for its crawfish, try the crawfish etouffee and you are in for a real treat.

Palermo Sicily

Anywhere on Sicily you are guaranteed top notch seafood, simply grilled and often served just with a squeeze of fresh lemon. The preparation of the seafood on the island has both North African and European influences, local specialties include: sea urchins, sardines and fresh fish. Try the pasta dish Spaghetti al ricci which includes fresh sea urchins. Some of the top seafood restaurants on the island are: Lo Scrigno, Osteria Mercede and Al Fondaco del Conte.

Halifax – Nova Scotia

Halifax is a fantastic place for lovers of seafood, the seafood chowder is particularly excellent. It is said that you will sample the freshest fish anywhere in the world among the wharves of Halifax. Other favorite dishes of the locals are, Digby scallops and Atlantic lobster. A visit to the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market is highly recommended when you visit.

Santiago – Chile

Time for a visit to South America and in particular Chile, Santiago is one of the great kept foodie secrets that there is. Just take a visit to Mercado Central and you will be amazed at the array of fresh seafood on display.

Try the seafood empanadas which are made with fresh shrimp and abalone, then also sample mariscos which is a mussel based mixed seafood dish. Santiago is also the home of seafood lasagna, which has to be tasted to be believed.

Seafood is loved the world over, and our tour of some of the best places to find the freshest and most succulent seafood covered three continents. The one thing to remember is that to eat really good seafood it must be as fresh as possible, so start your own seafood tour somewhere near the coast or on an island.

The shorter the distance the water is from the plate the better, and you are sure to have a great time.

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