Veganism Worldwide

Whether you are onboard with the phenomenon or not, it looks like Veganism is here to stay. In the last few years the ethical stand turned diet craze has taken on a new surge of followers and indeed a new meaning, as not all ‘vegans’ are in it for the love of animals. Today the plant-based diet is swiftly causing supermarkets to introduce new stock, takeaways to add meat and dairy free items to their quick eats and of course restaurants are having to cater to this new and rapidly growing demographic. So whether you are convinced or not, the chances of you having to go to somewhere with a vegan menu are steadily increasing, for those who avoid animal products this is fantastic and for the skeptics its worth looking at some places that look exciting since the day where you may have to take the plunge is inevitably approaching. If you want to start with the best however, here are just 3 of the top rated Vegan eateries around the world.

Candle 79 – New York, USA

Of course, the city that never sleeps has a selection of great places but apparently none hold a candle to this place (sorry). Grab lunch or dinner here and you wont be disappointed either way as their menu shows a fun and colourful selection of meals jam packed with plant goodness. From empanadas to pad Thai to tempting pomegranate seitan skewers these guys know their way around a kitchen, introducing some items, which you just must experiment with. To top it all off they have a decent dessert menu too which isn’t too common elsewhere, get stuck into an apple and cranberry pie or a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

Haus Hiltl – Zurich, Switzerland

This place has a legacy of being meat free, established way back in 1898 this family run institute has been making vegetarian dishes ever since and is therefore the longest running veggie place in the world. Vegans however will be glad to know there are plenty of dishes suitable for them too, such as their saffron gnocchi or banana madras. With an all you can eat option for breakfast and lunch you won’t want to stop here, especially when you see their homemade ice cream list.

Plant – Cape Town, South Africa

The ethically conscious and animal friendly crew here is profoundly aware of the ways that other creatures are exploited being so close to the acts of hunting. Inside their walls however there isn’t an animal in sight, this place is completely vegan which means that there are no holds barred on their expansive menu. Tuck into their crepes that come in both sweet and savoury varieties, or why not grab a quick bite with their cheese sticks or a bowl of nachos, knowing that all that gooey cheesy goodness is in fact plant goodness. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied here too as they offer fresh daily pastries alongside raw cheesecake, fudge, and ice cream all made in house. Vegans book your plane tickets now.

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