World’s Best Chefs

There are people who think they can cook and then there are chefs who have the ability to blow your mind and tantalise your taste buds by creating culinary delights that you would never have thought would be possible to make. Every year, the Le Chef compilation highlights the best 100 chefs in the world. The list is created by Le Chef asking two and three-starred Michelin chefs to choose five names they think is the best chef in the world and who they believe represents the cooking profession the best. The scores are then counted up and the list published. As you can imagine, winning such an award is a huge accolade and can result in worldwide fame, particularly in the world of restaurants.

The current number one is Michel Troisgros of the Maison Troisgros Restaurant in Ouches, France. Troisgros comes from a long line of renowned chefs. He studied at the Grenoble Hotel School between 1973 and 1976 and 20 years later he took over the reins at the La Maison Troisgros Restaurant where he quickly stamped his mark on the menu, removing older dishes and replacing them with his own take on creative and seasonal dishes. Troigros likes to create dishes inspired by his travels. Second place in the current standings went to Yannick Alleno, another Frenchman and one with three Michelin stars to his name. Alleno is extremely hard working and loves to create and innovate with his dishes. His best talent lies in his ability to reinvent and invigorate dishes from traditional cuisine and give them a unique twist by playing with the ingredients and his unique mixing precision.

Coming in at number three is Joan Roca of Spain, or Joan Roca I Fontane to give him his full title. Roca is the chef and owner of the El Celler de Can Roca which was voted the best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine in both 2013 and 2015. Roca works with Catalan cuisine but uses elaborate techniques in his presentation to create dishes that are out of this world and has even created dishes based on world famous perfume complete with minute details that make eating them almost a shame because of the work that has gone into the presentation.

French chefs dominate the rankings with seven of the top 10 hailing from there. Along with the aforementioned Troigros and Alleno, Arnaud Donckele, Pierre Gagnaire, Emmanuel Renaut, Pascal Barbot and Alain Duchasse feature in the top 10. Only five of the top 10 chefs in the listings are female. They are Dominique Crenn, Anne-Sophie Pic, Elena Arzak, Nadia Santini, and Carme Ruscalleda while only one chef from Latin America made it into the top 100 places, that being Alex Atala who runs the D.O.M restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Perhaps surprising is the lack of any British chefs in the top 100. The United Kingdom is not known as a hotbed of culinary delights and this is reflected in the voting of the world’s leading chefs.

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